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McMaid Carpet Cleaning Services

Standard Package (Basic service used mostly by Landlords or people moving out of home)

Dry Soil Extraction

A triple filtration commercial vacuum is used for maximum removal of dry soil. Special Arm & Hammer vacuum bags are used and retain up to 100% of dust mite debris, grass and ragweed pollens plus particles 15 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. Surprisingly, most carpet cleaners skip this step or charge a great amount to do it. This step is vital in performing a proper and quality carpet cleaning job!


Specialized professional cleaning agents are applied to loosen soil. Again, some carpet cleaners skip this step or charge 25 cents/square foot or more to apply the preconditioning. That’s crazy! Cleaning your carpets without preconditioning is like washing your hair by just spraying water on it.

Hot Water Jet Extraction Cleaning

A Gentle, yet thorough soil removal. This is the type of cleaning required by most carpet and fiber manufacturers to keep your warranty in effect, including DuPont Stainmaster. Your carpet not only looks clean, IT IS CLEAN! Your home is now a more healthful place for your family!

Premium Package (Service when still living in home and wishing to maintain carpet warranty)

This package includes everything included in the Standard Package as well as:

Furniture Handling

All movable furniture is carefully returned to its original location. Moisture resistant protectors or blocks are placed under all legs to avoid rust or furniture stains.

Accelerated Drying

Professional patented air movers are used to accelerate drying time leaving the carpet virtually dry when we leave.

Grooming and Nap Brushing

A professional groomer or brush is used to provide a finished appearance and promote drying.

VIP Package (For those who have allergies, carpet odor problems or want to lengthen carpet life)

This package includes everything from the premium package, plus 1 CHOICE of the following:

Carpet Fiber Protecting Treatment

Applying a carpet fiber protector has many benefits. (1) Carpet Protector goes into the fibers to provide lasting protection against soil, stains and accidental spills after cleaning. You never plan to spill but it always happens! (2) Your carpets stay clean and look new for longer, reducing the frequency you need them to be professionally cleaned, thus saving you $. (3) Carpet Protector and proper cleaning extends the life of your carpet. Again, this saves you by not having to replace your carpet as often.

Deodorizing Treatment

Odor causing bacteria, molds and mildew live in the carpet. Destroying these bacteria prevents the odors they cause and provides a healthier environment for your family. Most carpet cleaners use a "masking agent" when charging for this service. Masking agents just make the carpet smell fresh or lemony for a few hours and doesn’t remove the cause of the odors. Once the masking agent wears away, you are left with the same smells you had before.

Allergen Treatment

A special hypoallergenic cleaning agents derived from renewable plant source surfactants designed for safe use around individuals who suffer from allergies, asthma, or chemical sensitivities. This treatment is environmentally safe and does not contain pesticides, perfumes, harmful solvents, or other hazardous ingredients.

Don’t see a package that meets your need…. Call us and we can arrange one that does!!!!
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